Thinking About the Future

Well, at least 28 days into the future. That is the limit that we can stay at our current park before we have to leave for 7 days. We love it here, but it will be fun to get a change of scenery. We have been driving around every day after work, checking out the close and not-so-close parks that we can visit during our break.


I will say that the US Army Corps of Engineer parks are wonderful. We are staying in one now, and the difference between this and some of the local campgrounds is huge. There are a few others, but they would require quite a commute to Mark’s job. We picked a local KOA which looks nice and has a pool.


The best part of finding our new spot was testing out the playgrounds! Caleb even got his first swing ride.




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  1. Coach Kelly says:

    SO excited to follow your journey, Stephanie! I’ve really missed seeing you at TOOL this past year. You are doing something my husband and I have dreamed about. Our first goal is to find farmland and start small. Second BIG goal is to buy an RV and take one year (or more) to travel the country! You’re really inspired me & I look forward to following your blog.

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