The Turtle Whisperer

I have come to have a new respect for my daughter’s ability to catch turtles. She will catch several a day! Some by hand, and some by fishing pole – although they don’t get hooked, they bite the bait (not the hook) and she just brings them in. I think we had a record – eight young turtles! She came home with the cooler and started pulling them out one by one into a little group. We got laughing so hard because they all took off in different directions, and those young ones are FAST!
april turtle
We finally got them all corralled to take a quick picture.



We even got one to say “Cheese!” Although he may have been calling us bad names in turtle language, I’m not quite sure.


She caught one that was so tiny, it was precious! I wish we could have kept it for a while, but we are on the move so it will be set free.


small turtle

Joshua is learning the tricks of the trade, and caught one as well!

joshua turtle


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