The People That We Meet

One thing I love about life in an RV is that you get to meet so many different people! Some people come and go over a weekend or week, and some are like us floating around to different campgrounds. Two very special people that we have met are Pam (and her dog Jessie) and Big Sarge. Pam and Jessie came up to visit while we were sitting outside with Maximus. Jessie took great delight in teasing Maximus, running in and licking his face then running out of range of his leash. He loved it and I believe the whole campground heard them playing.

We found out that Pam and Jessie were a part of the Arkansas K-9 Search and Rescue team. Pam’s son had found Jessie as a puppy in a box on the side of the road and brought her home to mom. Pam found out that Jessie is part border collie, and that breed needs to work or else they get into trouble! So, she started bringing Jessie to training sessions to be a search and rescue dog. Pam had Jessie at the park doing some exercises. They use donated human blood and human bone which Pam hides and then she brings Jessie out to find them. It was so interesting!

Well, of course April volunteered to be a rescue “victim”. She left a shirt with Pam then hid behind a tree. Can you spot her?

She is peeking out behind the fourth tree back. Here is a closer look!

So, she was a good distance away, and with ducks, squirrels and geese around there were plenty of distractions! Pam led Jessie to April’s shirt and let her get the scent, and then they were off! Pam didn’t touch the shirt at all so her scent wouldn’t mix with April’s. You can see the shirt on the ground beside the tree.

After getting her focused and ignoring the wildlife, it took barely any time at all for Jessie to find April. She went almost directly to her! It was really neat to see. We felt really proud to have helped to train Jessie for such an important job!


Now, Big Sarge is big. I don’t know if he’s a sarge or not, but he’s in the military! He sure comes across as a sarge haha! He and April have one thing in common, they both love to fish! Big Sarge gives the fishing report twice a week on the local news, and he holds a weekly fishing tournament at different points along the Arkansas River. This week, he happened to be at our campground’s boat dock. April got to watch all of the boats launch, and they told her to come back at weigh in to see all the fish that they catch. April not only got to watch, but she also got put to work helping to weigh in the fish! She felt so special!

She and Joshua got to help release some of the fish after they announced the winner.

We feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people who go out of their way to put a smile on our children’s faces!

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  1. Just found your blog! Great job and welcome to the road! The people we have met on the road are the icing on the cake for full time living.
    We are a fulltime traveling family who has been on the road for the last 2+ years. Hope we can meet up during the journey!

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