The Creative Side

They say that fresh air inspires creativity. Well, apparently it does for Joshua! I sent him to go brush his hair after his shower. After he was in there for a while, I asked him a question. He answered, then asked – very politely – “Do you mind if I concentrate on my new haircut?” I laughed, of course thinking he meant combing his hair but getting the words mixed up. April however, knew exactly what he meant and asked in a slightly panicked voice, “You’re cutting your hair?”

He came out, wearing a broad grin and wielding the scissors in his hand (at least he used the right ones!) “Yep! How’s it look?” My next action will probably ruin any chance of my Mother of the Year award. I busted out laughing. I couldn’t help it! Then I grabbed the phone and took a quick photo. The no-so-thrilled look on his face only lasted a second. We fixed him right up and he looks like his handsome self again.

3 Comments to The Creative Side

  1. Bill Niemi says:

    LOL! I think every kid has done that! Great Blog site!


  2. G$ says:

    BECAUSE you laughed out loud – instead of freaking out – is why you SHOULD be Mother of the Year 😉

  3. debbie letner says:

    What does the after look like?

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