The Blue Angels Come to Town!

We had been looking forward to this day for a long time… the Little Rock Air Force Air Show! Joshua was just wriggling with excitement. We knew it was going to be fun, but we were still so surprised by it all. The planes were huge! The jets were eardrum bursting! The talent of each pilot was mind blowing!

The best part for Joshua was getting to tour so many of the aircraft that he has seen on TV, or played on his video games.

A boy in heaven?…right here.

The pilots and other personnel were so helpful and friendly, it really made for a great experience.

I love this picture of him…I can see a glimpse of the man he will become.

We were constantly in awe of the size of these planes. It always amazes me how something so big and heavy can lift into the sky. One of the big treats of the day was a training exercise from 160!! paratroopers. It was quite a site seeing all of those parachutes in the sky at one time.

We were very happy to have an expert – aka Grandpa – visiting, and he knew a lot of interesting things about the aircraft.

It was hot that day, and on an Air Force Base shade was at a premium! The most sought after spots were right under the planes.

April wasn’t as excited as Joshua, but she had a good time and I actually think she was more impressed with the skills of the pilots than Joshua was.

Then, there was the grand finale! The Blue Angels! Their skill and timing was incredible! We were so engrossed with watching the show, we didn’t get any pictures of them in flight. Boooo! We were able to get very close to the jets. You could see the pilots checking their instruments, and a lot of details. It was really neat.

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  1. Bill Niemi says:

    Another good adventure for the Palmer family. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun!

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