North Little Rock Riverside Park

We avoided this place like the plague when we first moved here.  It looked awful – like a parking lot that had been plunked beside a river.  Boy were we wrong!  We decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad we did.


The views were amazing, the people were super nice, and everything was so close!  Just-a-bike-ride-over-the-bridge close!  At night, the city lights across the river were just beautiful.  There was an amphitheater directly across from us, and we could hear the music from the bands at night.




We took bike rides often.  Across the bridge pictured above was the Clinton Library.  We took a trip specifically to see the library one day, but…



The fountain outside was way more fun, apparently!  So after splashing in the fountain for a good long while, we were way too soaked to go into the library.



So, we found a playground instead.  It was the best playground I’ve ever seen!  There were hidden tunnels that went underground and came up somewhere else.  All the kids ended up looking like prairie dogs,  haha!





It also had another fountain, and this was pure delight for Maximus!  He jumped and jumped, and tried to catch every little drop that fell.



The ride back was really neat, getting to see our park from the bridge.  Biking is so popular here in Little Rock, there are wonderful paths everywhere.  (Caleb was ready to go home by the end of the day 🙂



We would highly recommend this park to anyone who comes to Little Rock!


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  1. kaylee charles says:

    me and my sissy did that!! i got soaked! it was very fun.

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