Let’s Go Riding!

We took this beautiful Saturday morning and headed to Chief Whitehorse’s Trail Rides. I have been promising April for a long, long time to take her on a trail ride so I was thrilled to find a place only 15 minutes away and very inexpensive! If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend them.

They treated us like old friends and made us feel very welcome. We got our pre-ride instructions, helmets, and then we saddled up!

April was SO happy to get the white horse that she had been dreaming of riding.

And Joshua was just happy to be there.

We rode for a full hour through brush, across streams and through some beautiful fields. We were pleased to see our “volcano mountain” as it has been nicknamed.

It was a fun day, and we plan to visit them again very soon!

3 Comments to Let’s Go Riding!

  1. Bill Niemi says:

    It looks like April and Joshua had a wonderful day horse riding. I am glad that you are finding fun places near your new home. I pray that you and the family are adjusting to your new area. Also- that Mark’s new job is going well. Keep blogging and posting pictures of your adventures!

  2. Palmers says:

    Thanks, Bill! We have settled in perfectly. Our hearts still long to be on the road, but we are very content to be here in the meantime. Mark is loving his new job! He keeps commenting on how different (good) it is from the government. He leaves smiling and comes home smiling! Thank you for the prayers!

  3. Kimmy says:

    My daughter would love doing something like this. I think she’s a bit young still (5). What a special day for you guys.

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