It’s the Little Things!

I am hoping this post will help any other full time families out there.  Having a toddler around makes life very interesting, especially with only 300 square feet of living space!  We found a few things that have helped to make life a little easier.  First the high chair:

I found this beauty at Walmart, aptly named the Space Saver high chair.  It really folds down very flat, it’s lightweight, and I can flip it open with one hand.  It has been a life saver when it comes to keeping the crumbs in a general area (how far he can throw food from the chair).  It also helps to get him up off of the floor when I need to vacuum.






Which brings me to my next Walmart find:  the dust buster on a stick!  I really had a hard time trying to find a good vacuum that wasn’t too big, but would get the job done.  First I tried a hand held vacuum, but it was a drag getting on the floor all the time to vacuum the carpet.  Plus, it would get clogged every 5 minutes with Maximus hair.  Then I found this lightweight, convertible vacuum for less than $20!  It has a handle, so you can use it like a dust buster and suck up all the Cheerios that have been launched from the previously mentioned high chair.  Then you can add the carpet attachment and use it like a regular vacuum.  It is so lightweight, you can hand it over to the little ones to help them earn their keep!




Another dilemma was how to keep him contained when we were playing outside.  Our whole time outdoors used to be spent chasing him down as he dashed for the street or wanted to play with the blue boy.  So now, we have a play yard!  It folds up and stores inside the trailer when we have to move, and sets up easily outside when we get to our new spot.  He would prefer to be running around free, but it does give me a few minutes to at least finish half a cup of coffee outside while he plays.




And finally, the sleeping area.  We didn’t really want to have a portable crib that would take up floor space and that we would have to set up every night.  We also had 4 bunk beds and might as well use them!  But how to keep a toddler in the bed, or keep them from falling out of bed in the middle of the night?   A mesh dog gate did the trick!  I admit, I borrowed this idea from another full time family.  It works like a charm, though.  It is spring loaded and adjusts to several widths.



That’s all the tricks I have for now, hope this will help another family someday!

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  1. Dawn A. Spriggs says:

    Caleb is sooo cute! Ms. Dawn needs some of his energy…I could use the sweeper (with his help) too.

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