It’s a Birthday! Or two….or three!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


He turned the big 40 20 this year! To celebrate this special event, we went out for sushi not once, but twice! We found a wonderful restaurant where the chef was a sous chef for Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef! Being huge Morimoto fans, we were super excited to try his food, and we were not disappointed!

This was one of the best: They bring it out wrapped in foil, then they light it right in front of you and it “bakes” inside the foil. It smelled wonderful and tasted even better!


It has layers of avocado on the top which melt and are just heavenly.

Happy Birthday, Caleb! I forgot to get a picture of the cake! However, I did get a picture of the aftermath, haha!

He had some help opening the presents.

But he had a very good “surprised” face!

Happy Birthday, April!

I can’t believe she is 11 already! Too fast!! This was a birthday “week” for her, we did so many things! First, there was Playtime Pizza! It was a blast, and had glow in the dark golf, go karts, laser tag, and bumper cars. We did everything and had a great time.

They had an all you could eat buffet with dessert.

Caleb got his first ice cream cone!

The glow in the dark mini golf was my favorite. It had a lot of fun props along with sound effects.


A couple of pretty lasses we met along the way… or something.

Land ho!!

And we can’t forget the treasure! I love the face on Joshua…he looks like he truly pillaged those treasures haha!

April came in second on the go-karts, and she was the youngest in her group!

Finally, April and Joshua got to take out some of their sibling hostility out on each other.

Next we went to IHop, where she wouldn’t rest until they all sang to her, haha! They brought out a special sundae, too!

And finally, there was cake!! We all had a good time celebrating such a sweet daughter!

4 Comments to It’s a Birthday! Or two….or three!

  1. Bill Niemi says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like quite a celebration. I hope all of you are doing OK and enjoying life in Arkansas.

    • Palmers says:

      Hey Bill!

      We are doing great, and life here in Arkansas is a lot of fun. We are really enjoying the camping, fishing, and scenery. What a welcomed change from Northern Virginia! Hope you are well and have enjoyed the summer. I’m looking forward to the fall! It has been a sizzler this summer! 🙂


  2. Kimmy says:

    Looks like you have been having fun! It’s good to “see” you again.
    God Bless!

  3. Palmers says:

    Hi Kimmy! Great to hear from you! I have been catching up on your blog, too. Looks like you guys are lovin’ the lifestyle! We have been crazy busy with visits from family and such, so I have gotten lazy with my posting. Back in the saddle now! I will shoot you an email soon. Blessings!

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