Independence Day!

We took our first real trip for the Fourth of July. We have a good friend who lives about 1.5 hours north, and they rent a campsite to cookout and watch the fireworks at the park, so we drove up to join him. It is a surreal feeling driving for a while, realizing your house is right behind you! The park was beautiful, but getting into the spot was a bit tricky! I am so impressed with my husband and his parking skills. He backed in with no problems – and in the dark!

It was a short walk through some trees to the gorgeous lake, and we had our own private beach. We had a blast swimming, watching the boats and looking for fish.

Caleb was more content to sit in the shade of his stroller and laugh at us. If you peek through the trees, you can catch a glimpse of The Ark at the top of the hill.

Maximus had the time of his life! Being in such a private area, we could let him off the leash to run free and swim. His addiction to rocks kicked into high gear, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. He ran around picking up one rock after another, trotting around and showing off his prize.

The mountains surrounding the lake made for a beautiful view any which way you turned.

We went down to the public beach area of the park to watch the fireworks from the marina. The boats were packed in all around, all you could see were red, green and white lights over the water! It was a great time for the kids, they were able to have a night swim and watch the fireworks at the same time. It was such a fun trip. Hope you all enjoyed a safe, fun Fourth as well!

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  1. Kimmy says:

    How fun to meet so many people! I’m looking forward to that. My husband is excited to take me fishing for the first time!! It looks so fun.

  2. Palmers says:

    Fishing is a blast! I hope to see a post about it on your blog! 🙂

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