Happy Birthday, Joshua!

My big man turned 8! He is getting so tall, and has such a great sense of humor. We were house sitting at the time, so he got to have his party at a real house.



His birthday happened to be the same time as the Arkansas state fair. Perfect timing! He tried some new rides for the first time and did great. I was so proud!






He looked up the entire hang glider ride, it was so funny!


His favorites were the fun houses. We went during the day, so there was no crowd. He went through one fun house about 6 times in a row, haha!




He showed off his big 8 year old muscles with the hammer game.



Then Daddy had to show him how it was done.



They had a great petting zoo, which was Caleb’s favorite. He kept trying to eat the feeding carrots, though!



You know you have had a successful day when they fall asleep on the way home.


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