Fall Festivities, Part 2!

There is still more fun to be had!  We met some wonderful friends who are also homeschoolers.  They were staying in an RV for a few weeks in the area.  They had five children and one on the way!  And I thought we were tight with 3, whew!  It was such a blessing to hang out with them for a few days.  The kids really hit it off and spent all the time they could playing together.  I managed to catch the two girls and April doing some crafts.  The boys were always off having battles somewhere.


Then, there was some carving to do.



When the leaves fall from the trees here, they RAIN down!  It is such a pretty sight to see and makes for a great game to see who can catch the most before they hit the ground.



We took a trip back to Virginia to visit for a week.  It was great seeing everyone, and we got to visit another pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for Meemaw and Amaw!



It was so great seeing Noah, my BIG son.  He has grown into quite the handsome young man!



Joshua found the cutest little baby pumpkin ever!



When we pulled back into our site after our fun visit, we found a big surprise waiting for us!  Our friends had left us their canopy!  They knew we didn’t have an awning, and were so thoughtful to leave it for us.   We have enjoyed it every minute, and it makes our site feel much more complete.  Thanks, Dustin and Teresa!




On the 31st, we were able to go to a Trunk or Treat at a local church.  It was a ton of fun, although only a few could guess that April was Legolas from Lord of the Rings!  We thought the braid would give it away, but she would only sit still long enough for me to braid the sides.  She’s such a ham!






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  1. kaylee charles says:

    i remember that girl!!Her name was Kaylee just like me!!!!

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