Happy Birthday, Amaw!




I have an AMAZING Amaw!  She has a great sense of humor, a tremendous love for her family, and she turned 90 this weekend!  We couldn’t miss that big milestone, so we drove down for a visit.  It was great to see everyone, and such a blessing to see how happy she was with her party.  amaw with kids






She was a full time RV’er, too!  I love that we have that in common.  She and my grandfather sold everything and bought an Airstream and hit the road!  Back then, it was VERY uncommon and they probably got many strange looks.








She is also an incredible artist.  She basically took up a paintbrush and started painting!  No lessons, just natural talent.  She could fill a gallery with all of her artwork.  Her are two of my favorites:



















I love hearing about her life when she was younger.   It seems so odd to hear about her talk about a boyfriend she had in sixth grade.  According to her, he had zero personality, but he was sooo cute that she agreed to be his girlfriend!   Haha!


It was a treasured moment to have four generations of girls in the one room chatting away.   I hope we have many, many more memories to come!


all girls



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