The People That We Meet

One thing I love about life in an RV is that you get to meet so many different people! Some people come and go over a weekend or week, and some are like us floating around to different campgrounds. Two very special people that we have met are Pam (and her dog Jessie) and Big Sarge. Pam and Jessie came up to visit while we were sitting outside with Maximus. Jessie took great delight in teasing Maximus, running in and licking his face then running out of range of his leash. He loved it and I believe the whole campground heard them playing.

Independence Day!

We took our first real trip for the Fourth of July. We have a good friend who lives about 1.5 hours north, and they rent a campsite to cookout and watch the fireworks at the park, so we drove up to join him. It is a surreal feeling driving for a while, realizing your house is right behind you! The park was beautiful, but getting into the spot was a bit tricky! I am so impressed with my husband and his parking skills. He backed in with no problems – and in the dark!

Let’s Go Riding!

We took this beautiful Saturday morning and headed to Chief Whitehorse’s Trail Rides. I have been promising April for a long, long time to take her on a trail ride so I was thrilled to find a place only 15 minutes away and very inexpensive! If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend them.

They treated us like old friends and made us feel very welcome. We got our pre-ride instructions, helmets, and then we saddled up!

A Whirlwind Weekend

We still had too much stuff! Half of our garage was packed full of…stuff! We kept asking ourselves why we needed all of it, and we kept coming back to the answer, “We don’t!”

So, we planned to use the Memorial Day long weekend to get rid of it. This was also the time when we had to move our RV for the first time, so we were very excited/nervous. We packed up the RV, stowed everything that might decide to jump off of the shelves, unhooked the water and electric and backed the truck into place…

The Turtle Whisperer

I have come to have a new respect for my daughter’s ability to catch turtles. She will catch several a day! Some by hand, and some by fishing pole – although they don’t get hooked, they bite the bait (not the hook) and she just brings them in. I think we had a record – eight young turtles! She came home with the cooler and started pulling them out one by one into a little group. We got laughing so hard because they all took off in different directions, and those young ones are FAST!