Fall Festivities!

We LOVE the fall!  Finally, some cool weather!  The beautiful leaves, the harvests, corn mazes, bonfires….we love it all!  We got to visit a local pumpkin patch – during the pouring rain.  It was the only weekend we had free, so we didn’t let the rain stop us.  It worked out for us, though.  We were the only ones there, the corn pit and hay maze were under a shelter, AND because we braved the weather they gave us our pumpkins for free!


The Blue Angels Come to Town!

We had been looking forward to this day for a long time… the Little Rock Air Force Air Show! Joshua was just wriggling with excitement. We knew it was going to be fun, but we were still so surprised by it all. The planes were huge! The jets were eardrum bursting! The talent of each pilot was mind blowing!

The best part for Joshua was getting to tour so many of the aircraft that he has seen on TV, or played on his video games.


It’s a Birthday! Or two….or three!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


He turned the big 40 20 this year! To celebrate this special event, we went out for sushi not once, but twice! We found a wonderful restaurant where the chef was a sous chef for Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef! Being huge Morimoto fans, we were super excited to try his food, and we were not disappointed!

This was one of the best: They bring it out wrapped in foil, then they light it right in front of you and it “bakes” inside the foil. It smelled wonderful and tasted even better!