Sugar and Spice and….Gollum! Gollum!

April amazes me…all the time!  She is so multi-dimensional and likes so many different things.  I love this stage in her life where she doesn’t really care about the latest fashion, or fixing her hair just right.  She just wants to have fun!  Fun = the outdoors and Lord of the Rings.


april antler



She definitely has a scientist in her. She wants to know how everything works and why.  april weather






She tried to reconstruct the Thanksgiving turkey bones, and once found a skeleton of a deer in the woods and put that partially back together.  One of her friends came up to me and said “Your daughter is weird.”  That’s my girl!bones







She is so helpful, especially with Caleb!  I never have a doubt that he is in good hands when she is with him.

april showing caleb fish








I hope the teenage years aren’t completely horrendous like I have heard.  For now, I enjoy being able to spend some fun girl time with her.  One of the best memories I will have is the Lord of the Rings marathon that she and I went to.   We spent 13 hours in the theater watching the entire trilogy!  It was so much fun, and her attention didn’t waiver for a second.


in theater















April and CynthiaShe loves spending time with her friends – either online, text, phone, or in person!













She has always had a big interest in art, and her skills are developing all the time!  Guess what her subject matter is?…  ring picture









She is also a great impersonator!  She is so good at doing a Gollum impersonation that I had to put it on youtube.  Check it out!

Gollum impersonation




With all of these interests, she still loves wearing a pretty dress to church, and still loves beautiful things.   I looking forward to meeting the woman she will become!


april wreath


2 Comments to Sugar and Spice and….Gollum! Gollum!

  1. Lisa says:

    such a pretty girl!

  2. kaylee charles says:

    Lisa is my mom!! Im so glad i have such a beautiful and talented bff! She has a wonderful family too!!!!!

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