Family Skate Day!



If you ever want to bring back some good childhood memories, go roller skating again!
mark and april skating





There is a rink very close to our campground and they are extremely family friendly.  They even have a homeschool skate every month.

steph skating




This day was a Disney Skate, with lots of beginners which was perfect for those of us who hadn’t been on skates for at least a couple of years.





Watching April out there reminded me so much of myself years ago.  April skating



Mark got on wheels for the first time since 6th grade!  He did outstanding, and his coolness factor went up a few notches in my book 🙂

Mark skating





For the little ones, they had a big play set that Joshua and Caleb played on for a long time.  Joshua was such a great big brother and showed Caleb how to maneuver through all of the obstacles.  This shot was right after Caleb got taken out by another kid on the slide.   He wasn’t too hurt, but he was done with the slide after that!


joshua and caleb skating rink


He spent the rest of the time in the safety of his stroller, watching the skaters and eating fig newtons.  It was a fun, fun day!caleb at skating

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