Monthly Archiv: November, 2012

Fall Festivities, Part 2!

There is still more fun to be had!  We met some wonderful friends who are also homeschoolers.  They were staying in an RV for a few weeks in the area.  They had five children and one on the way!  And I thought we were tight with 3, whew!  It was such a blessing to hang out with them for a few days.  The kids really hit it off and spent all the time they could playing together.  I managed to catch the two girls and April doing some crafts.  The boys were always off having battles somewhere.


Fall Festivities!

We LOVE the fall!  Finally, some cool weather!  The beautiful leaves, the harvests, corn mazes, bonfires….we love it all!  We got to visit a local pumpkin patch – during the pouring rain.  It was the only weekend we had free, so we didn’t let the rain stop us.  It worked out for us, though.  We were the only ones there, the corn pit and hay maze were under a shelter, AND because we braved the weather they gave us our pumpkins for free!