Monthly Archiv: May, 2012

The Worst Part

Ok, I’ll admit it. There is a downside to this life. It can be described using only two words: Black Tank

We were dreading this day, Mark more than myself because he has such a weak stomach. Of course we put in hours of research, trying to find the best solution. The less messy option would seem to be unhooking and driving down to the dump station and just emptying the tank directly into the ground. However, that is such a hassle to hitch up the trailer every time.

Making a House (or RV) a Home…

I love reading blogs of families living on the road. I have been reading them for a long time now, and I follow several families as they travel and have unique adventures of their own. I couldn’t wait to start our own adventures and write them down to share with anyone who would want to join in the fun. One of the things I looked forward to was making our RV our home.
So many of the families modify their RV to make it more suitable for them. I was amazed at the creativity and -courage!- it took to change things. I believe a house is easy to change, but for some reason it is harder for me to visualize it with an RV. I like the colors of our home, so I don’t think we’ll paint it, but we did let the kids pick out curtains for their “rooms”. I wanted them to feel like that space was truly theirs and they could make it a retreat.

Laundry day!

So, laundry is one of the small challenges of this life. I have done some research, and have contemplated my options. There are small, portable washing machines, but some of them are heavy, and some take up too much room, and some you have to wring out by hand and then hang to dry.


My first thought was, “Oh, I’ll get a hand powered machine and then hang them to dry.” I thought I would give this idea a trial run by going to a local laundromat and just doing the wash and hanging clothes to dry. The kids and I got VERY creative in finding spots to hang clothes. We propped curtain rods wherever we could find a little ledge and had undies hanging from door knobs.