Monthly Archiv: May, 2012

The Turtle Whisperer

I have come to have a new respect for my daughter’s ability to catch turtles. She will catch several a day! Some by hand, and some by fishing pole – although they don’t get hooked, they bite the bait (not the hook) and she just brings them in. I think we had a record – eight young turtles! She came home with the cooler and started pulling them out one by one into a little group. We got laughing so hard because they all took off in different directions, and those young ones are FAST!

A Day of Fun, Sun, and the Loch Ness Monster!

Finally, a free weekend! We have been so busy getting set up and driving around looking at other campgrounds that we haven’t gotten out much to just have fun. We took advantage of this sunny Saturday and headed down to the water park that is about 15 minutes away. It was small enough that you didn’t get exhausted just from walking from one slide to the next, but big enough to have some fun slides for everyone.

The Creative Side

They say that fresh air inspires creativity. Well, apparently it does for Joshua! I sent him to go brush his hair after his shower. After he was in there for a while, I asked him a question. He answered, then asked – very politely – “Do you mind if I concentrate on my new haircut?” I laughed, of course thinking he meant combing his hair but getting the words mixed up. April however, knew exactly what he meant and asked in a slightly panicked voice, “You’re cutting your hair?”